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الخميس، 10 ديسمبر 2020

OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Handy Edition: Our Time With The Dirty Future Phone

OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Handy Edition: Our Time With The Dirty Future Phone

Cyberpunk 2077, perhaps the most anticipated game in years, is almost here to bring a grimy neon future to your living room ... and, if you have the chance, to your phone.

OnePlus has released a version of its most recent flagship that seems to fit right in with the technological dystopia of gaming. Unfortunately, it's only available in China, but TechRadar has had a chance to try the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition, and here's what we thought.

Let's start with one thing: the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition has the same specs and features as the standard OnePlus 8T. Unlike the McLaren-themed versions the brand used to release, this sleek new edition simply focuses on a redesigned exterior and exclusive software perks.

That's not a drawback in and of itself - we really love and recommend the OnePlus 8T - but if you're able to get a Cyberpunk 2077 edition, don't expect it to take you into the future with its looks. and its interface changes. There are no accelerated internal components here.

Look from another future

As for that appearance - well, it's unlike any other phone released this year, with a mix of matte black glass and body speckled with glitter with faded yellow accents to match the Cyberpunk brand color.

These boil down to sleek yellow tabs that frame the lock button and volume rocker, a subdued yellow lip around the bottom third of the phone, and varied text etched on the back cover.

The signature OnePlus logo is in the middle third, a black square on the glittery matte black section.

The glass front is unchanged from the base OnePlus 8T, but the rear camera block on the top left has been extended from the top right corner. It is not to adapt to more objectives, but it is to make room for the yellow script: a huge "2077" and below, "Neural Connection Status: Active", a nice wink in the cyberified future of gaming.

In the middle of the camera block is an even smaller text, titled "Netrunner Edition", citing the game's term for hackers. We doubt that will spill over into "Cyberpunk 2077 Edition", especially since the game's logo is prominently etched into the lower third of the glass on the back.

Otherwise, the phone is set up like the standard OnePlus 8T, with the aforementioned volume rocker on the left side and the lock button on the right side with the usual OnePlus ring / vibrate / mute switch above it.

Are people going to admire the Cyberpunk 2077 edition when you take it in public? Maybe, but it's not the most futuristic phone we've ever seen - like the Asus ROG series of phones and their Decepticon-style angles.

On the flip side, this OnePlus phone looks less like gamer chic and more like a stylized curiosity. We wouldn't be surprised to see this on a red carpet rather than a sci-fi world.

Software from your cyber dreams

It sounds important, of course, but the interface touches just as much. Starting up the phone displays the typical Android launcher, then there's an absurd red string of code ending with an innocuous “Never Settle” - the motto of OnePlus.

It's a bit silly, but given how little care was taken in the phone's launch footage, it really sells the device's theme.

Custom Cyberpunk 2077 Theme  Neon Samurai Wallpaper  Exclusive Fingerprint Animation and Sounds Oh, and the coolest boot sequence ever December 9, 2020

Then there's the Cyberpunk 2077 theme itself, a revamped dark mode that changes text, menus, and app icons with a pop of neon, making them look ripped straight from the fluorescent signage splashed over Night City, the main setting of Cyberpunk 2077.

There is also a preset wallpaper with a glittering neon logo for Samurai, the rock band of Keanu Reeves' character Johnny Silverhands. This is why you would go the extra mile to secure this version of the phone: to make it feel and feel like you are in the gaming world - or at least, closer, we'll get there now.

There are other cool touches to make it feel like cyberpunk, like a swiping animation for the fingerprint sensor (with an accompanying swipe beep) as well as custom cybervelettes as you browse and outside of applications.

Rightly, you cannot deactivate

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