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الأربعاء، 9 ديسمبر 2020

Why I'm so fond of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Why I'm so fond of the iPhone 12 Pro Max

I hear you, I feel you. For the past couple of years the iPhones Pro and Pro Max have been identical except for the Max part. The waist part. But this year… this 2020 year… the cameras are different and even the size differences… are different.

This is why many of us - including me - have a hard time deciding between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Especially now that pre-orders are less than a week away.

So if you are still on the fence. If you prefer the classic Pro size but want that Pro Max camera or battery. If you don't mind big phones but you're worried, the new Max is just too big. But if you are also worried that if you don't understand, you might regret it. If you have plenty of FOMO YOLO, but don't worry, the Pro Max price is just banned ...

Then, in the hope that I can help you out anyway, here's why I personally choose the iPhone 12 Pro Max this year.

IPhone 12 Pro Max price: Only $ 100 more ... for more

The Max is $ 100 more than the Pro. And that's all. For everything we'll cover next, the cost differential is only $ 100. Which I understand can be a lot for some people, like 10% more, even on a $ 1000 phone. But with the trade-ins, the installments, the upgrade programs, the difference over the course of a year, let alone several, won't be that great. Of course never, I mean never, never spend a dime more than you can or should, and if you have a hard limit stick to it absolutely, I'm just saying if you don't have to. Other concerns, as with everything, the price just isn't a huge flashing neon stop sign for the Max. Not once you've decided to at least go Pro.

IPhone 12 Pro Max Size: Bigger Than Ever

iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max .caption

This size though. I mean, Apple has already made the Pro bigger. It's a full iPhone XR, like the iPhone 11 now. 5.8 inches to 6.1. So if you go Pro you get big and taller. Not too big, however. The screen has gone from 6.5 inches to 6.5 inches. So this is really the maximum iPhone maxi set that Apple has ever created.

But, part of that is a scaled-down bezel. Ok, a little bit of that. It is 0.11 inch taller, but only 0.01 inch wider, and it is also 0.03 inch thinner. Although, yeah, 0.06 ounces more.

All of this to say that if you were okay with one of the Plus size iPhones, or if you've ever owned or held the iPhone XS or iPhone 11 Max, the iPhone 12 Max isn't going to do much. difference. In fact, the biggest difference might just be the all-old-is-new-again squared design. Because the loss of the iPhone 6 to the curves of the iPhone 11 era makes the iPhone 12 series more… substantial. Grippier maybe. The edges not only slide in your hand, they squeeze in, which some prefer and others… really don't. Let me know how you feel in the comments.

Anyway, if you're coming from a smaller iPhone, not even talking about an original 5 or SE, but just a 6 or 10 or even XR or 11, you might want to consider the cut. If you're coming from a Plus or a Max preview or, damn it, yeah, basically any Android phone on that side of a non-XL Pixel, you'll probably be fine.

IPhone 12 Pro Max screen: more information or more visibility

iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Colors, Silver, Graphite, 18k Gold and Pacific Blue are the same, same, same, same on both Pros, as is the design, stainless steel antenna bands, matte glass on the rear, ceramic Shied at the front. The Notch. All the same, just like Pro, all checked, on both.

Even the screens of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are identical in all respects except for the size. Same OLED, same HDR, same contrast ratio, typical and max brightness levels. Even everything. Except for the size.

With the increased size, you get a higher pixel count on the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen. An extra 246 vertically and 114 horizontally, which is like half and the original iPhone, which is ridiculous, but with today's pixel count and density, it's not really that big. -thing. And, like, 10 and 6 more than the 11 Max. Probably not even enough to put extra strain on the A14 Bionic chipset inside.

However, it's physically larger, which means you can fit a bit longer on the screen, if you just like

IPhone 12 Pro Max battery: Max is max

The A14 Bionic chipset is the same in the iPhone 12 Pro and Max, same architecture, same IP. Same Qualcomm X55 modem for low and medium speed FR1 5G in the world and FR2 Highland, mmWave in the US Both have 6GB of RAM, which can keep even the most popular social media apps and games in memory. swollen, much longer than before. And both go up to 512GB of storage if you want to pay the premium.

Where they differ is that while the Pro Max has a bigger screen to power and more pixels to move, it has a bigger battery to do so. Bigger enough, Apple rates it for an additional 3 hours of local video playback, an additional hour of video streaming, and an additional 15 hours of audio playback.

Both work with Apple's new MagSafe Magnetic Inductive Charging System and both have a Lightning port and can quickly charge up to 50% in 30 minutes with Apple's new 20-watt power adapter, but no. included in the box. And yes, still super salty about it.

But the bottom line here is, bigger is just more. Especially with the regular Pro taking a bit of a toll on battery life, thanks to the new build and especially 5G, the Max is still a Max-as-in-Max battery for those who want a iPhone lasts as long as an iPhone can.

And especially with the new camera, which is why I will personally be buying the iPhone 12 Pro Max this year. It's a little extra for me, but I just want the best camera, and adding a bigger battery makes the choice for me.

You have to do it, however. Let me know what you decide and why in the comments!

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